Temporary residence


accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Croatia a temporary residence permit for a foreign national can be obtained for the following purposes:

  1. Family reunification;
  2. Work ;
  3. Secondary school education and university- level studies
  4. Scientific Research;
  5. Humanitarian reasons;
  6. Exceptionally other justified reasons as for instance enjoyment of own properties or a tourist residence of no more than six months duration. .

The maximum duration of a first temporary residence permit is one year. This can be extended in a Police Station nearest to the applicant’s place of residence in Croatia no later than 30 days before the expiry of the current temporary residence permit.
Croatian Embassy in Stockholm can only accept applications for a First Temporary Residence Permit from Swedish, Latvian and Lithuanian citizens or other nationals with an approved residence in the Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania.

In accordance with the Croatian legislation when applying for a First Residence Permit the application must be made in person. In addition to the application the following documentation must be attached:

  • valid passport which must remain valid for at least another three months after the expiry of the residence permit applied for;
  • two passport photographs 3 x 3,5 cm
  • Proof of financial resources for maintenance; (For instance confirmation of earnings by the employers, a bank statement)
  • Proof of an assured accommodation in Croatia; (For instance a Contract of Sale of Property, a Tenancy Agreement, a Deed of Ownership)
  • Proof of health insurance in the UK (not required for students);
  • Certificate confirming that applicant has no criminal convictions issued by the authorities of the passport holder’s own country, and country of permanent residence.
  • evidence supporting the grounds for the residence permit (marriage certificate, working permit, student status etc.- depending on the purpose)
  • Payment of 720 SEK (Credit card payments also possible) for administration fee required by Croatian legislation.

All required documents must be either the originals or notarized copies. An Apostille must be attached to each relevant document.

All required documents need to be translated into Croatian by certified translator.

Additional documentation might be requested.

If the application is approved the First Temporary Residence Permit will be attached to the applicant’s passport and this must be done in person.

A foreign national is obliged to report to the relevant Police station the exact place of residence no later than three days after arrival to Croatia.

The validity of a Temporary Residence Permit shall cease if a foreign national fails to report the place of residence at a Police station within 30 days from the date of issue of the Temporary Residence Permit, or is absent from Croatia for over 30 days.