Sinisa Grgic, Ph.D.

Researcher, author, publisher, businessman, and philanthrope, who created the leading business reporting company in Croatia and initiated dozens of NGOs. He has a Bachelor's degree in engineering and has completed many programs related to the United Nations at Columbia, Fordham and Harvard, received PhD from the University in Zagreb in the field of Social Network Analysis, also a database expert and a graduate of Harvard Business School. Dr. Grgic has applied his education and practical skills as the founder of Croatian Competitiveness Council, Croatian Exporters, European Movement and Junior Chamber International in Croatia. Currently, he serves as the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to the Kingdom to Sweden.


  • Ph.D. at the University of Zagreb, Doctor of Information and Communication Sciences, thesis: „Link Prediction in Social Networks“
  • B.S./B.E. at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, and the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering
  • General Management at Harvard University, Boston
  • Diplomatic Academy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zagreb
  • JCI Leadership Academy in Japan


  • 2019 –          Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to the Kingdom of Sweden
  • 2015 – 2018 Consul General of the Republic of Croatia to the United States, Los Angeles
  • 2013 – 2014 CEO at Enbekon DataServices GmbH, Munich, Germany
  • 1998 – 2010 CEO at Institute for Business Intelligence, Inc. (part of Bisnode AG today)
  • 1995 – 2012 president of the Croatian Club for International Cooperation, accredited at the UN Secretariat Building in New York

Skills and Competencies:

  • Social: Social Networks, NGOs, International Relations, Public Speaking, Teamwork and Team Leadership, Diplomacy, Negotiation, Politics
  • Organizational: Entrepreneurship, Start-up, Management, Business Strategy, Management Consulting, Public Relations, Market Research, Project Management, Leadership
  • Technical: Databases, “Big Data”, SQL, Oracle, Social Networks Analysis (SNA), Business Intelligence, and all MS and Adobe applications 

Foreign Languages:

  • active: English, German
  • passive: Macedonian, Bulgarian